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Vanessa Bautista is a product of O.B. Montessory Center in Greenhills, San Juan where she started schooling from casa to highschool. She graduated from Assumption College in San Lorenzo, Makati City, with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing.

She has always been creative ever since she was younger. As a child she would doodle or write on paper and was curious whenever her Tita was drawing or painting. Whenever Bob Ross was on TV, she would watch attentively, excited how the painting would turn out. Another influence was one of the country's renowned artists, Mr Romulo Olazo, whoem she was able to meet a few years ago. His creativity, kindness and humility made an impact on her which became her benchmark for her personal and artistic views.
Thought she was interested in arts, she did not take it seriously as she was more inclined towards music and sports even up until she joined the corporate workd. SHe used to work in a bank where she held various posts.

In 2016, she started doing calligraphy and watercolour, later on earning from commissioned works. She then used her skills in making invitations and events signs among others.

She took an early retirement in 2019 and started painting on canvas a few months after leaving the corporate world. After that, she never stopped and she is now focused on ther art. One of her major commissioned work was a mural for a bar and restaurant in Timong, Quezon City.

Currently, she is actively chasing her passion by participating in group shows and hallery exhibitions. Some of her workes are display at Nami Art Gallery.

Vanessa is just one of our inspiring artist waiting there time to breakout.
Vanessa Bautista

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