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Leo Gali

A self-taught artist, some of LEO GALI's works depict the marginalised sector. Most of his paintings are influenced by contemporary art styles. A versatile artist, he is not afraid of exploring various mediums. He's joined several art competitions and has participated in various group exhibitions, some of them in Manila. He currently works as a cartoonist of the "Capiz Times" publication and is an active member of Guban Handuraw and Art Association of Capiz. "The facemask symbolises the breath of life. Behind the mask are shadowy nightmares of the Covid19 pandemic that haunt us," Gali says of his work. "The lights that shine through some of the shanties point to the strong faith of Filipinos. The families that look through the windows symbolize our struggle that, one day, we will heal. And the moon should always remind us - God Almighty is there to protect us."

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