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Harvest(Ani) and Fasting(Ayono) are two interrelated components of human activities that keep us moving, whether to stay the course or to move on.

The journey in attaining an abundance of harvest in any endeavor teaches us to understand the value of preparation, practice the importance of nurturing, and motivate us to develop our virtue of patience as we wait for the season of harvest. Above all, it enables us to embrace the virtue of hope, since, even as we do all the necessary in planting, we are not always rewarded with an abundance of harvest that we seek.

We need to develop that spirit of hope , if only to drive us to attain the fruits of our labor.

Fasting , on the other hand, gives us the space to reflect on our past actions, assess what went wrong or could have been done better, and analyze what are needed to be done to put us back on track, and we hope, fully arrive at our desired destination in life. At a deeper level, the most important factor about fasting is the opportunity for us to remember the value of Christ's sacrifices, even to His death and resurrection, thereby offering us our salvation.

His willingness to accept His sorrowful journey should inpire us to reflect how we have been doing on our own plan of life. Did we learn something positive from his sufferings? Are we willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others? Is this a journey on our own for our own benefit, or a pilgrimage with fellow travelers closer to Christ.

Ani at Ayono is a platform where eight artists- Jonathan Abellana, Joel Cristobal, Jun Impas, Renulo Pautan, Celso Pepito, Antonio Vidal, Marlowe Villagonzalo and Jik Villanueva - showcase their individual interpretation on this theme. Join us on our journey.
Ani & Ayono

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