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Born and raised in a vibrant town called Paete, Laguna. Nelson has been exposed to various forms and philosophies of art. Despite being one of the smallest towns in Laguna, Paete has become a breeding ground of extraordinary artists.

This is caused by the closeness of the town which creates a competitive environment which demands development from each artist that can make them differentiate themselves from others. Known as the wood carving capital of the Philippines, the quality of the artworks produced here are exceptional.

At a young age, Nelson has worked as an apprentice of Angelito “Angelo” Baldemor. As a result, he was able to establish a desire to pursue Arts. He knew that he wanted to start creating a mark in the local art industry. He started to supply this vision by developing his skills through reading books and constant practice. Which led to the development of his ability to create beautiful watercolor portraits. Portraits where one could see the grace of nature.

Nelson also specializes in painting contemporary impressionism in acrylic with an aim to exhibit their thoughts by way of the strokes of every brush. Arts has provided livelihood for him; he works as a professional Chef in a prestigious hotel where he manifests his skills by sculpting and designing different mediums.

Nelson Basa

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