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Lino Acasio

Lino Acasio

Presumably the most distinguished whimsical landscape artist in the country, Aquilino "Lino" N. Acasio has established his name as the premier artist in this genre. He developed a great style highlighting the magnificent landscapes, the untouched beauty of the pristine countryside that engulfs an onlooker with its grandeur, Acasio touches your whole being with his brushstrokes, emphasizing the serenity of a flowing stream in a lush green hilly community. He depicts perfect whimsical scenery.

Born and raised in the quiet town of Lemery, Batangas, Lino Acasio is an alumnus of FEATU University and an original member of the Pintanaw Art Group, a noted association of respected artists. He once was a secretary of the most prestigious artist association in the country, the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP).

A multi-awarded artist, Acasio has established a foothold in the local art scene by participating in numerous art exhibitions both here and abroad. Indeed, Acasio is a pride of the Batanguenos, an artist par excellence.

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