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Lino Acasio

Lino Acasio

Born in Lemery, Batangas and studied Fine Arts at FEATI University. Lino Acasio has 6 one-man exhibitions and several group exhibits under his belt including a European tour and exhibit in Belgium, France, Germany, Berlin, Amsterdam and Holland.

Acasio is a master of landscape art. His works highlight the beauty of nature, particularly the richness of rural landscape, showcasing the pastoral beauty of the Philippines’ country side. The images he paints -verdant vegetation, lush green mountains and hills sparkling brooks and rivers are in fact scenes straight out of his Batangas terrain and within these landscapes are depictions of simple folk engaged in their usual day to day living.

Acasio’s works are best known for its precise rendition and composition, devotion to detail and experimentation with colors. Through his art, he hopes to consistently instill amongst the new generation his advocacy of environmental preservation and management.

Lino Acasio is one of the original members of the Pintanaw art group. A former secretary of the Art Association of the Philippines and founder of Grupo Sining Batangueno. He also received an Honorable Mention in Ecology Art competition, and was given the Dangal ng Lemery Excellence award for Visual arts, the Gawad Kultura award from Lemery Pilot Elementary school as well as the Batangas Artist Award for Visual Arts. He was featured in several art books and was recognized by Gino Dormiendo, a well known art writer, as “Master of Landscape Art”.

One senses that the difference between them and Acasio is this artist’s ability to see, beyond looking, to perceive not merely with the eyes, but through the gift of being emotionally moved and the capacity of being sympathetically touched, not only by what is visible but more importantly, by the invisible, which is nothing less than the spirit of a place, what is known as the genius loci, or distinctive atmosphere. Essential to this distinctive ambiance is the unique manifestation of form, or expressive structure that Is germane and organic to the artist, and that possesses its own rhythm of execution, stamped, as it were, with a graphic signature.

“Cid Reyes”

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