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Glenmore Lawig was born on March 3, 1986 and was the eldest among ten children of Mr. Luis Lawig jr. and Mrs. Marife M. Lawig, who were both farmers in Macalelon, Quezon. Growing up was not easy for Glenmore as he had to stop his education to help his parents at the farm. He then took on different jobs such as a truck driver, janitor, a messenger, a copier operator, and a filing clerk in a bank until he was diagnosed with meningitis. After his recovery, he continued to work as a driver and it wasn't until 2017 when he realized his  true passion, the arts. 

Glenmore's creative mindset inspired him to experiment into the formation of different sculptures using mediums like brass, glass, and clear cast resins. Most of his masterpieces are a combination of modern and traditional Filipino Cultures which also repsresent his humble beginning.

Glenmore Lawig

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