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Born into a family of artists, Cameron was exposed to art and sculpting as an art for by watching and working with his relatives. Such involvement and exposure, especially with his uncle, the renowned Filipino Nationalist Sculptor Eduardo Castrillo, has inspired him to find his own artistic language. However, despite his proximity to a great collection of talent, he at first doubted his capabilities and compared himself to those that came before him. This hesitancy eventually disappeared when he encountered his first client, which made it clear to him his affinity for the art of sculpting.

Cameron is based in Baras, Rizal where he lives with his family. He deals with the abstract and is inspired by anything and everything that he encounters in his daily life. He works with brass to craft breathtaking bas relief sculptures that bring his various inspirations to life. To him, brass is the perfect combinations of beauty and utility that allows him the freedom to experiment to create memorable pieces that last a lifetime.

Cameron Castrillo

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