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Agusto Caborog makes sculptures that come alive with figurative abstracts that evokes a mysterious aura making the viewer search for hidden meanings behind those faceless or blank anonymous figures rendered in bold shapes and interesting geometry.

His signature style is a mixture of impressionism and cubism of highly expressionistic brass sculptures that can be described as monumental. The hard work needed for creating his brass sculptures is hidden because of the simple shapes used. Coming out after 15 years under fellow artists and master sculptors.

The deceptive simplicity of his technique conveys a presence and impact that is full of character. Caborog's works goes against the grain of most artists working today by using traditional techniques that show a distinctly modern cubistic nature and metaphorical composition of shapes and forms. Instead of creating classically recognizable characters the faceless linguine pnvey anonymity that the In narrate a character and ciaach subject.

Agusto Caborog

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