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Vanishing Scene II

Vanishing Scene II

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Acrylic on Canvas


8” x 6”



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Artist: Fidel Sarmiento
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 8” x 6”

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Fidel Sarmiento

Fidel Sarmiento

Unequivocal mastery of heritage houses in alluring setting; the subtle hues and perfect perspective adorn with vivid floral accents define the works of Fidel Malig Sarmiento.

This art maestro is the consummate paradigm of a true disciple of visual art; from an intricate Spanish colonial era houses build for the mestizos and ilustradosto and its more modern version of the "Bahay na Tisa" series, all are awe-inspiring and truly captivating.

Indeed, Fidel Malig Sarmiento is undeniably one of the best Filipino artists of this generation but the most admirable of this indefatigable fellow is his dedication to sharing his knowledge amongst the young yet disadvantageous people who are inclined to art. No other visual artist like Sarmient has brought the luxury of vusual art to people--from open parks to the bilibid, from schoolchildren to seniors--demstifying and mystifying the process of painting, yet simultaneausly encouraging the pursuit of artistry embedded in the Filipino's DNA.

The longest-serving president of the oldest and most prestigous art group in the country, The Art Association of the Philippines, Sarmient has forged with Government Service Insurance Systen (GSIS) an on-the-spot painting competition held annually since 2004. People of all persuations spill out of the hallways of the GSIS offices in the reclaimed bay area, onti the multilevel entrance steps, creating masterpieces from daybreak to dusk for the coveted honor of winning over thousands. A man of good deeds, a leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Credit to Filipino Contemporary Artist

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