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Tres Marias

Tres Marias

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Acrylic on Canvas


30” x 30”



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Artist: King Duran

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 30” x 30”

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King Duran

King Duran

King Duran a 25 years old artist from Pakil, Laguna is a proud member of LGBTQ community. her artworks focuses more on women, rural living, everyday lives and Filipino culture and traditions. Oil and acrylic paints is her medium and   also uses different techniques and textures to her artworks .

Etching is one of her techniques and she is using ballpen and other tools to etch the artwork especially the long hairs of her  subjects the women. The main inspiration of the works of King is from her Maestro, Bernard Vista from Pakil. Also, and from some of her favorites artist such as Francis Nacion and Mario Parial that clearly shows how majestic, colorful, whimsical and nationalistic the works of king really shows through her artworks.

The fine details from hairlines to intricate fabric designs shows how diligent King as a person and as the breadwinner of the family. She is also one of the apprentice of the painting and renovations of the ceiling on their church and joins a lot of art competitions in the past years.

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