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Tam Austria

Tam Austria

Captivating whimsical characters adorn his glazed canvases, the most revered artist Tam Austria's masterpieces speak volumes of his dedication to his craft. 

His work reveals the artist's preoccupation with the myths and legends of his people, the mother, and child, the peasant folk, their customs, and traditions, the panoramic rural landscapes; all these were figured prominently in his works because of their timeless and universal appeal. Austria has succeeded in fusing disparate elements of painting into fully orchestrated compositions that have captured critical interest in his works, this Tanay-born master is a living legend; he has created a signature style that has influenced many aspiring artists and inspired them to pursue their passion.

Countless walls of prestigious residences have hung an Austria; enchanted with the mystical beauty of every masterpiece which makes them a favorite of astute collectors. Indeed, this former assistant of national artist Francisco "Botong" Francisco has carve his niche in the art scene and destiny may put him alongside his mentor, heaven only knows.

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