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The Lucky Hands

The Lucky Hands

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Acrylic on Canvas


12" x 16"



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Artist: Gab Villalobos

Size: 12" x 16"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2023

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Gab Villalobos

Gab Villalobos Gabriel Villalobos discovered his love of art at primary school and never looked back. Born in the sleepy town of Iloilo, he started drawing sketches of his surroundings and toys that he never had due to their impoverished situation.

After some time, he moved to the big city to pursue his dream and to find work. Unfortunately, finding a job in Manila is challenging, yet his perseverance, patience and determination are unparalleled. Finally, reaching a point where he had nothing left except his talent; that's when he started investing more time into his art and tried to see if he could make a living from it; it was a big gamble.

At first, he participated in various art exhibitions organized by the ArtPower group headed by Lander Blanza, an established artist who gave him some advice, primarily focusing on his cubism style upon making his first sale. He concurred with the first opinion, and indeed, Gab Villalobos has created a style that amazes every onlooker.

With countless group art exhibitions, Villalobos is now prepared to tackle the worry of making a solo art exhibition because good fate came his way through a kind Doctor who gave him support emotionally and financially.
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