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The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast

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Mixed Media


32" x 19"



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Artist: Leslie Castaneda

Size: 32" x 19"

Medium: Mixed Media

Year: 2023

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Leslie Castaneda

Leslie Castaneda

Leslie has always been fascinated with art. Early in life, she had dreams of becoming an artist. However, she was forced to seek a different path and set these dreams aside in order to become the breadwinner for her family. For many years, she has worked in the field of marketing in order to put food on the table and make ends meet, and the sheer intensity of the demands of her situation did not allow her to pursue personal creative projects. Time passed with its cruel intensity, but she shone as a beacon of light for her family -- and, just like lighthouses exposed to the ravages of the elements, her heart bears the marks of every buffer and blow, yet steadfast standing she remains, even to this day, sharing her light with all who needs it.

Artists usually find their voices early on in life. Experimenting with art is the realm of the young o, so it seems; students following their masters, learning how to do things and how things work, how the world works. But such is not the case for Leslie Castaneda, who began to discover and explore her passion for art in her late forties.

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