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Christian Regis

Christian Regis

Christian Regis is a Filipino visual artist whose work has caught the attention and interest of both local and international aficionados for his distinctive interpretation of Manila's historical landmarks, their streets and their edifices. He has had various solo exhibitions namely "Lights and Silhouettes" at New World Makati, "Abstraktika" at the Ayala Museum, and "Colorful World of Regis" in the US, among others. Regis continues to participate in group exhibitions and solo shows across Manila.

What is apparently precious to Regis is seeing light and color in the scenes he paints. While we are all used to seeing images of Pinoys immersed  in the daily grind, Regis offers bright bursts of colors in his oil and acrylic paintings to scenes of dim drudgery that make the hard life we are used to something worth living for. It's also his alternative to escaping heavy conceptualism art production and appreciation.

Through the years, Regis has mastered his own techniques and has slowly innovated from hasty swathes that viewers often identify with folksy, traditional Mabini art toward his own hybrid, present-day methodology. In many ways, his art resonates with the old and young Pinoy both in the Philippines and abroad who seek that distinct "Manila Vibe" connection.

- Vintanaph

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