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Red Passion

Red Passion

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Acrylic on Canvas


24" x 24"



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Artist: Cathy "Cata" Tan

Size: 24" x 24"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2023

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Cathy Tan

Cathy Tan

Cathy "Cata" Tan, an accountant and interior designer by profession. is also a budding visual artist in the realm of abstract painting.

With a foundation in interior design, Cata offers a unique viewpoint to her artwork. She combines her knowledge of creating visually appealing and harmonious spaces with her artistic vision, utilizing the principles of design to evoke emotions and transform environments. Just as she carefully selects colors and materials to create inviting atmospheres in rooms, she apples a similar thoughtfulness in choosing color palettes and employing various techniques to create captivating compositions on canvas.

Also, deeply inspired by the underwater world she explores as a scuba diver, her paintings exude a sense of fluidity, movement, and vibrant energy. The colors and textures she encounter beneath the waves find their way onto her canvas, resulting in captivating abstract compositions that capture the essence of the underwater realm.

White relatively new to the world of painting. Cata fearlessly embraces the abstract style, allowing her creativity to flow freely onto the canvas. Primarily using acrylic paints on canvas and employing various pouring techniques, she creates an interplay of colors and unexpected fusion of pigments that give rise to captivating compositions, transporting the audience into a world of imagination.

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