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Love Overcomes Insecurity I

Love Overcomes Insecurity I

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Mixed Media


12" x 8"



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Artist: Celso Pepito

Size: 12" x 8"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2023

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Celso Pepito

Celso Pepito

Pepito was born in Daan Bantayan, Cebu, but was raised in Bukidnon. Despite never having envisioned himself as a painter, he was awarded as the Artist of the Year in his secondary school, which encouraged his adviser to suggest that he pursue Fine Arts in college. Pepito took this advice to heart and enrolled in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Cebu in 1977, where he earned a Degree of Fine Arts in 1981.

Pepito's paintings showcase his love of God, family, and country through common motifs that run throughout his work. His art reflects his strong spiritual beliefs and a commitment to using his art as a form of apostolate. Pepito firmly believes that positive change in society begins with the family, and his paintings often depict family values and traditions, as well as a spirit of nationalism and hard work.

To promote and develop Filipino arts, as well as bring foreign artists' works to the Philippines, Pepito has established connections with his peers in other countries. Through these links, he has organized exhibits that facilitate art exchange programs, allowing artists from different countries to cooperate and collaborate. These connections have resulted in opportunities for Pepito to showcase his art in numerous countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Peru, Luxembourg, and America.

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