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Acrylic on Canvas


12" x 9"



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Artist: Ana Isip

Size: 12" x 9"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Ana Isip

Ana Isip

My passion for visual arts became more visible in 2013 when I was featured in a 2-Woman Exhibit in San Beda Alabang Museum. My art is a celebration of life. I take on reality and turn it into a colorful world of my own.

As a child, I was an avid doll collector. I adored all sorts of them. Dolls of all shapes and sizes crammed my bedroom shelves. Motherhood didn’t stop my affection for these fascinating figures. I would find excuses to buy dolls for my daughters every chance I get. I would catch myself gazing into their eyes, instinctively drawn to their mystifying stare. Those big, expressive eyes speak to me and inspire me to create more art. They say the eyes are windows to the soul, as they reveal one’s emotions. I believe that’s how my art speaks to my audience.

Working in acrylics on canvas, I try to evoke that childlike innocence and curiosity in the features of all my subjects. I want my audience to feel my happiness, hope and calmness in all my paintings. I hope that I am able to transform the ordinary into a unique, expressive masterpiece.

My works can be found in private collections in the Philippines and abroad and I have participated in various exhibits nationwide.

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