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Duyan ang Kalipay

Duyan ang Kalipay

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Acrylic on Canvas


14" x 31" x 18" x 27"



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Artist: Pierre Famador

Size: 14" x 31" x 18" x 27"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2023

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Pierre Arcillo Famador II

Pierre Arcillo Famador II

Pierre is a Filipino painting, born in Cebu, Philippines on August 7, 1978. Pierre graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, both group and solo in local and international.

Pierre had significant exposure in digital arts and acquired good knowledge on concept design and animation. But from the early part of year 2016 and up to now, he hass re-focused on painting using different medium such as oil, watercolor, acrylic and others mix media.

The central theme of Pikoy's artwork revolves around happiness and positivity. He draws inspiration from the beauty of everyday life, focusing on scenes of joy, celebration, and the simple pleasure that make life worthwhile. His art encapsulates the idea that happiness can be found in the smallest moments and that there's a rainbow of colors in every experience.

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