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In Grace

In Grace

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Mixed Media (Brass / Copper / Steel / Marble)


12" x 12" x 20"



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Artist: Karen Castrillo Villaseñor

Size: 12" x 12" x 20"

Medium: Mixed Media (Brass / Copper / Steel / Marble)

Year: 2023

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Karen Castrillo Villaseñor

Karen Castrillo Villaseñor

Karen Castrillo-Villasenor came from the renowned family of sculptors and monument makers the Castrillos. Her grandfather Amado and granduncle Ed were the pioneers of sculpted brass monuments that include Eternal Garden Resurrection, Bonifacio Shrine in Caloocan, Edsa People Power Shrine to name a few. The were followed by her father Ronald Castrillo who continued making similar projects around the city and the entire country. Today, Karen is the third generation Castrillo that is making a name in sculpture industry.

As she was growing up with the boys, she recalls that she became used to the ear splitting sound of metal hit by either grinder, hammer and sander, so used that it would feel different if the sound is absent in a day. It was like a taste of breakfast every morning, seeing her grandfather and father batter the metal to shape using all the might of their muscles. Seeing all the mess and noise, she thought that the workshop is only for the boys.

That is why she said, "I never had plans of joining Dad in his industry, because welding and metals are only for the boys," The Castrillos had also a bunch of medical professionals in the family, so much that Karen was likewise pushed into that field. But she walked in the corporate world and started building her own industry but when problems occurred, she said, "You think you know everything but it's a lot different when you are already into it." It was when her Dad Ronald came to her rescue and suggested, "why don't you try joining me in sculpture?" For Karen, it is probably fate that led her to where she should be, or maybe her dad seen the potential hidden in her. After more encouragement from her Dad, Karen agreed and started to hit the hard metal. She went through hands on training with her Dad Ronald and with the rest of the team.

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