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Hulu Dancers

Hulu Dancers

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Acrylic on Canvas


24" x 24"



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Artist: Juno Galang

Size: 24" x 24"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2023

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Juno Galang

Juno Galang Painting is my first love and passion," declares artist Juno Galang. "I paint what I see, feel and perceive. My works are so full of life, details and colors because I see life in all it’s entirety. When you view my art, I want you to see and feel the canvas pulsate with life…so that they invite you to step inside to become a part of them."  Juno successfully communicates his own feelings and emotions to the viewers through his works.

Juno Galang was born in Manila, Philippines in December of 1942 and studied Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas. He was naturally inclined toward drawing from an early age and was largely self taught. He spent most of his young teenage years hanging around Ermita, Malate (the Greenwich Village of Manila) galleries where he learned painting techniques from the old masters.

Although Juno paints in various mediums, he is best recognized for the vibrant photo realism in his watercolors depicting Hawaii’s places and people. Unlike oil paints, where the medium may be mixed and retouched, watercolor paint can only be applied once to the paper. This technique requires endless hours of exacting brush strokes because a single mistake will be glowingly apparent. It is a credit to Juno’s incredible talent and dedication that his works achieve such a wealth of fine detail and translucency. Evolution of style is also essential to the artist, and it’s not difficult for the keen eye to find a heightened perception of color and light in his most recent works. Juno also likes to try out new and innovative techniques for artistic breakthroughs, whether enhancing or highlighting his images or creating new color combinations. He also combines exquisite traditional painting skill with contemporary abstraction.

As he creates in his light filled studio in a sleepy Honolulu neighborhood, Juno never forgets the original sources that animate his paintings. Never the reclusive type, his work radiates first hand experience of all aspects of island life. Thus he’s equally happy to meet the serious collectors of his original watercolors as he is the visitor who treasures a small print as an island memento.

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