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Carved Blue Glass


9.5" x 9" x 10"



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Artist: Pepe Mendoza

Size: 9.5" x 9" x 10"

Medium: Carved Blue Glass

Year: 2023

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Pepe Mendoza

Pepe Mendoza

Pepe Mendoza, a sculptor based in the picturesque suburb of Antipolo City, Rizal, operates from his studio. Pepe specializes in creating commissioned figurative pieces and sculptures designed for interior, garden, and landscape settings. The inspiration for his sculptures is drawn directly from his daily experiences. Using mild steel, Pepe replicates his original designs, which are initially modeled in clay or wax, or crafted from stone or plaster.

Pepe Mendoza's artistic creations serve as a profound reflection of his diverse interests and passions. Ranging from history, children, sports, music, and religion to the various aspects of wildlife on land, sea, and air, his work encapsulates a comprehensive exploration of life's facets. Described as "metal in motion" due to its dynamic and lively style, Pepe's sculptures mirror the artist's passionate and expressive nature. Form and design have captivated Pepe since childhood, and with the encouragement of family and teachers, he honed his innate talent, experimenting with different sculpting techniques and mediums.

In addition to being an accomplished artist, Pepe Mendoza has become a technical expert in the "electrification of mild steel," a skill he mastered at the Metalurgica creative foundry. Achieving preeminent status in the art world has been a lifelong journey for Pepe, marked by dedication and continuous artistic evolution.

Despite engaging in more conventional professions to support his large family, Pepe remained committed to his sculpting endeavors. Sculpture, he believed, was his true calling. The challenges and experiences of his life contributed to the development of a remarkably unique artistic style. Pepe Mendoza persistently challenges himself to translate the richness of life and the nobility of the human soul into enduring sculptural forms. Expressing a desire to move beyond mere visual representation, he aims to capture the spirit, reveal deeper emotions, and share joy through his work. As he continues to meet this artistic challenge, Pepe's sculptures are gaining recognition in local art auction houses.

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