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Coffee Break

Coffee Break

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12" x 12"



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Artist: Neptalie "Pedrong Masipag" Aunzo

Size: 12" x 12"

Medium: Watercolor

Year: 2023

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Neptalie Aunzo

Neptalie Aunzo

An artist who goes by the moniker PEDRONG MASIPAG.

Known in real life as NEPTALIE AUNZO, the artist started painting when he was in high school, although not as seriously yet as he was busy with a lot of other more important things.

Even as a young boy, he became a working student and got into a lot of odd jobs including being a houseboy, to be able to go to school. He also sold rags and even vegetables in the public market, so he would have money to go to school everyday. He cleaned the yards of their neighbors and tried painting people’s faces on the park, just so he could bring food on the table.

Neptalie only finished high school and didn’t get to college as his family was in dire straits then. He opted to adopt the moniker Pedrong Masipag, so he can give a new impression to the way Filipinos earlier knew who Juan Tamad is.

When he turned 28, Neptalie realized he really wanted to pursue painting. His mother disclosed to him he took his inclination towards painting after his father, whom he never met or saw in his lifetime.

However, Neptalie got his inspiration from such National Artists and renowned painters as Ang Kiukok, BenCab, Malang, Manansala and Botong Francisco. “They were the ones who inspired me to become a painter,” Neptalie said. “I look up to them and admire their talent as painters who depict the lives of Filipinos in their works. I hope one day I can also get to achieve their eminent status.”

He dedicates his art to Filipino workers who consistently did everything they could do for the family and the country in a noble and decent way.

He aspires to be eminent in the art field, just like the artists he looks up to. He also wants to be recognized as a National Artist one day, so he can proudly display his works to the next generation and create a good example among young Filipinos.

Neptalie who never took any formal art lesson, merely observed the works of artists from the many galleries he visited in the past. Many works inspired him to pursue painting, the techniques and the style. Eventually, he discovered his own technique, that’s why he was able to sell his art works as Pedrong Masipag.

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