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Blossoms I

Blossoms I

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Acrylic on Canvas


12" x 12"



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Artist: Aris Ventures

Size: 12" x 12"

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2023

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Aris Ventures

Aris Ventures

His art is not just a feast for the eyes; it delivers a larger sense of purpose, through every gentle stroke of his brush and intricate attention to detail. Burning with passion, love, and dedication for his homeland. He found a sense of purpose and a profound love for the natural world, through his God-given abilities, he harnessed its power to make it his quest, to be able to make a difference in his own difference with every stroke of life.

Aris’ creative pieces were born out of the grim reality the world is facing, his artistic work dives more than the realm of aesthetics, for it delves deep into the reality of social consciousness and environmental advocacy.

With every brushstroke, he masterfully navigates his way through the blank empty space of cotton and linen that speaks of the fragile relationship between humanity and nature, carrying through an impending doom if the world ignores the cries of the planet everyone calls Home.

One name stands out among the others in the fascinating world of art, where creativity knows no bounds and imagination takes shape. Hailing from the stunning lands of Samar, visual artist Aristole "Aris" Reveral Ventures made a name for himself in the creative world of art, his mesmerizing style, the veracity of his unique style, is truly not something one should miss.

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