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Blessed Hearts

Blessed Hearts

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12” x 12”



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Artist: Alpha Larracas

Size: 12" x 12"

Medium: Watercolor

Year: 2023

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Alpha Larracas

Alpha Larracas

Alpha Larracas is a Filipino artist from Bulacan, Philippines. A resourceful, self-taught artist, Alpha discovered her inclination in art at the age of nine and started drawing since then. She chose her current field and paint proficiently after finishing a degree in Nursing. By attending several art workshops, reading art books and painting continuously, she advances her knowledge in art. 

She has exhibited her works since 1999-after years of exposure in art scene, and became an active member of prestigious art groups. Alpha's works have been featured in various art publications including, Encyclopedia of Philippine Art by Marlene Aguilar, Living with Art by Figueras-Javellana, Philippine Art Now and The Lives and Loves of Artists and Models by Manuel Duldulao, Structural Art by Carlos Arellano, and Saturday Art Group Art Book, to name a few. Alpha is an innovative artist. Her latest collection is a series of little people portraying childish and innocent personas-vibrantly expressed on canvas.

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