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Angel of the Deep

Angel of the Deep

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Acrylic on Canvas


36" x 36"



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“Angel of the Deep”

Fallen from grace, once the angel of sorrow, now she is little more than a banished soul chained to the depths of the ocean. She is a tortured soul indeed. Unfavored, unloved, unwanted but still the faithful lamb. Lost to the light of day, but she is still the master of the abyss and must be respected.
Inspired by Angelarium, The Encyclopedia of Angels - “Rehab Angel of the Deep”

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Airies Olaes

Airies Olaes Airies Olaes

I am Airies Olaes, an engineer by profession and an artist at heart. I love all things creative. Ever since I was a child, I've always taken an interest and poured my heart our in the arts.

My work features a curious comvination of different strokes, elements, and perspectives. Like most artists, I paint stories. I use collage techniques to convey my message. Exploring surrealist concepts in art is where I found complete creative freedom.

I use faceless subjects to emphasize the figure's general form, potentially leaving room for viewers to see themselves in it. I consider being able to evoke the viewers' emotions and build an emotional connection with them.
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