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Abstraction Series III

Abstraction Series III

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Acrylic on Canvas


24" x 18"



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Christina was born on December 2, 1996. She graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in architecture. Her love for art rooted from watching her brother drawing characters from teks cards. Young, inspired Christina spent her time along exploring art: She fills in her notebooks with her favorite characters from anime shows she have watched; molding chocolate candies into figures; filling walls with drawing and proudly showing it to her mother. Giving drawings to her friends and classmates as gifts pleases her. She's also a fan of joining school competitions. Her time in college gave her opportunities to exposed and explore herself in arts. Joining national competition gave her opportunities to be discovered by wider audiences.

She was able to participate in exhibitions under Pililla association of local artist and designers. Currently she is focusing in her chosen career while doing art on side.

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