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Webster, who was born on April 13, 1997, in Baliuag, Bulacan, is a self-taught artist who enjoys creating abstract paintings, portraits, and landscapes. He is a business administration graduate, Webster enjoys exploring and learning about various art techniques and styles. Webster's favorite mediums are acrylic and graphite. He is known for his meaningful and dynamic paintings, and his colorful works provide comfort, positivity, and satisfaction to all viewer.

Even at his very young age, art has been a becoming of his heart. In his elementary days, as a child, he is very fond of drawing his characters on his favorite TV shows. His mind is very comfortable if the discussion is all about his passion and it clearly illustrates that he is a natural-born in that profession.

At his age of 10, his mind was introduced into different forms of art. He started to draw a lot of his own designs of the following: different clothings; cars like sports cars; architectural designs such as houses and churches; and he also learn to paint different sceneries.

He is not your typical teenager in his childhood that can freely express his natural talent in the public because of his shyness. In exchange, he didn't dare to join and showcase his talent on different competitions at his school though he use every available time he has to improve and develop his talent on his own hands.

In his college days, he started to change the trend of his career. He starts to draw realistic human faces, and the first one was his grandmother on his father's side. It was a freehand style because he is still starting to learn different techniques such as grid and etc. in order to obtain the right shape and color of a face. But it didn't take long, and because of the help of different artists and their professional advise along with the tutorials he watched in youtube, and different learning materials in art, little by little, the learnings paid-off.

In the year 2017, he started to accept commissions from portrait using a graphite pencil. He realized that there is still a missing piece on his personality and particularly, that is doing abstract painting. He believed that it can showcase a good deal of his energy and as well as his creative imagination that he can't explain but he wants to release it in a piece of screen, and for that he knows that it is very uncommon for the imagination of normal people to do it that way.

The pandemic became his head start for his success on the field of art, along with his final year in college. Taking a Business course in administration. Although it is not related in painting, yet it benefits him to become effective in management and negotiation to different kinds of people whom are his clients. It started on his subject in his class wherein it is a project and it has a goal of making the whole semester meaningful with the use of his own talents and passion to earn money. The target of this project was to generate three products and the requirement was to sold only one from them. Fortunately, it became sold out and that is why he pursue it and perseveres more. His first piece of art has a size of two by three feet, he named it, "City scape". He sold it in an art gallery and since then, that marks his journey of selling his artworks in different level of people in the society.

With the help of his answered prayers and the grace of God, he continues to study and excel on pursuing his gift of art. Along with his skillfull hands and imaginative mind, also with the influence of the social media and the help of the veterans on that field, he believes that it is proper to learn different ideas from their experiences and their works to be able to manifest it on your unique composition along with your trademark. He also believes that an art can be valuable superbly if the artist itself values his talent and especially his confidence in oneself.

Webster Coronel (Artwebsph) creates one-of-a-kind original pieces based on his observations, imagination, and composition.

Every piece of artwork comes with its Certificate of Authenticity and is created on a gallery-wrapped canvas or where clients prefer to have their commission work done.
Webster Coronel

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