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Ever since he was young, artist Vincent Bulahan had always been interested in creating art mostly by using watercolors and acrylic. Shifting his subjects through time, the focus of his art varies on what is currently in trend like expressionism with a unique different art stroke and abstract.

From Pontevedra, Capiz, he started his journey during his elementary days, doodling and copying illustrations from trading cards. However, he was formally introduced to painting during a summer art class led by Capisnon artist, Leo Gali. During his high school days, he joins several art competitions, honing his skills and winning prizes. However, after high school, he proceeded to study in seminary, shifting his focus away from art.

Recently, because of the pandemic, he was inspired to create art again by painting unique designs in facemasks. Moved by the sacrifices of the frontliners. He has also been using art as a means to relax his wellbeing
Vincent Bulahan

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