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The works of artist, Valerie Teng, focuses mainly on the simplicity of things and their meaning. She draws inspiration from nature and interprets these by means of serene and dream-like images which are representative of her work. 

Highlighting also her Chinese background, subjects used are those that depict luck. With acrylic as her main medium, she has developed a technique wherein layers are created to manipulate opacity, thereby giving the impression as if the artwork was done in watercolor. 

As a graduate of Fine Arts from the College of the Holy Spirit, Val represents women artists with positive messages to convey. She is also a founding member of Smittens (2016-present), a startup catering to kids with artistic potential. Her main role in the company is the artistic lead/instructor. She believes that creativity leads to success and it needs to be nurtured at an early age. 

Valerie Teng

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