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Tere Buiser is graduated at Far Eastern University. She is a Filipino Visual Artist. Her goal is to work hard, learn, to develop more in paintings and share her knowledge to the people who interest to learn from kids to adult. As educator she believes that early literacy doesn’t just
revolve around teaching children how to read, write and count because can have profound effect on their literacy, and development as well. She really love teaching in art. She also conducts workshops and house to house tutorials. Aside from challenging children to go
beyond a simple drawing, Tere also teaches them to appreciate the beauty of environment. Most of her painting inspired by the nature. Being an educator strengthen her passion to capture the natural world in her painting and flaunt it to younger generation. Also her goal is to practice each student who are afraid to show their talent, to believe and trust that there is an art in our heart.
Tere Buiser

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