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Tam Austria

Tam Austria

Tam Austria, a highly respected artist, creates enchanting and whimsical characters on his glazed canvases, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his craft. His works are a reflection of his fascination with the myths and legends of his people, as well as with the mother and child, peasant life, and the customs and traditions of the rural landscapes. These subjects have universal and timeless appeal, and they are prominently featured in Austria's works.

Through his fully orchestrated compositions, which blend disparate elements of painting, Austria has earned critical acclaim and become a living legend. His signature style has influenced many aspiring artists, encouraging them to pursue their passion for art.

Austria's masterpieces have graced the walls of numerous prestigious residences and have captivated astute collectors with their mystical beauty. As a former assistant to national artist Francisco "Botong" Francisco, Austria has carved out a unique place in the art scene, and only time will tell if he will one day be mentioned in the same breath as his mentor.

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18” x 18”

Tam Austria

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