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Multifaceted artist, Ruben Romanban had traveled the world as a versatile animator and had hone to numerous museums in Europe observing the old and classic paintings of the renaissance masters who influenced him a lot. Ben, himself an art disciple who created a deep earthy subdued color which defines him as a true classical artist.

Romanban is the local version of one of the prominent Russian painters who speargeaded the realism art movement, the great, Ilya Repin. Repin's color is rusty and unique which resembles that of Romamban, only that the later's subjects are 1950's Filipino culture and tradition.

Reviewing the subjects of Romamban is like boarding a time machine as you travel to the time when Sarao Jeepney was still the king of the road and the only fast public utility can carry you from Binondo to Baclaran.

Ruben Romanban

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