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Ronald Castrillo, an immensely talented sculptor, possesses a remarkable ability to transform his imagination into tangible three-dimensional forms. He has earned a prestigious reputation for his exceptional craftsmanship, utilizing a variety of metals such as brass, bronze, steel, and iron. Through his remarkable works, Ronald has elevated the realm of Filipino sculpture to unprecedented heights. His artistic prowess and technical expertise enable him to create awe-inspiring monuments, captivating centerpieces, and distinctive sculptures that serve as testaments to his incredible skill.

From a young age, Ronald's passion for art was ignited by his father, Amado Castrillo, a writer, illustrator, and sculptor. Starting at the age of ten, Ronald began his training and skill development in his family workshop located in Makati. Guided by his father's expertise, Ronald honed his abilities, progressing from simple drawings and sketches to the refined art of sculpting. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, he meticulously plans his creative process, methodically bringing his ideas to life by shaping metal into beautiful lines and curves that can be both touched and admired.

Ronald's proficiency in technical knowledge and artistic expression is a result of his educational background. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering, with a major in Aircraft Design, from PATTS School of Aeronautics. His contemporary sculptures have been prominently featured in various locations, including EDSA and numerous city centers. Ronald firmly believes that extraordinary sculptures are conceived through exceptional ideas and meticulously executed to perfection, guided by careful planning and informed by technical expertise. As a pioneering figure in Filipino sculpting, Ronald remains dedicated to ensuring the future prosperity of this artistic discipline.

Ronald Castrillo

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