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The radiance of the morning sun covers the entirety of the lush green mountains that shadow the golden fields; the tweeting birds are busy catching the butterflies surround the beautiful wildflowers: these are the alluring subjects of Rolando Santillan Zaballero, a Culasi, Antique native whose works are done intricately excellent.

Considered a relative novice in this field yet, you can see great potential in his brushstrokes and his depiction of the magnificent landscapes in this hometown. His dedication to his craft is astonishing, a testimony to his passion and love for the arts.

He painstakingly renders every detail meticulously, giving life to every subject by providing depth, perfect tonal values and exact highlights to the minor elements yet, it offers amazing creation.

He took up Architectural drafting and B.S. Architecture at the Aklan State University, yet the passion and love for the arts took over him; he participated in numerous art competitions-winning some and learning a lot in the process. He joined several art group exhibitions and mounted a solo show.

Zaballero believe that art is a never-ending education experience, however, he is destined to make it as he continuously exploring numerous techniques to finally find his signature style.
Rolando Zaballero

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