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Roland Santos lauded for his series of old houses, flowers, horses, landscapes and still life, the artist is know for his master of watercolor and how colors explode from the tip of his brush. Musing at his artwork is liberating experience. Peering through his imaginary doors and windows, we come across unlimited space. He invites us to pick blossoms, race with steeds, explore nature with childlike wonder and abandon, and caress objects of our past with reverence and respect, even if they were as tiny and seemingly insignificant as grains of rice spilling out of an earthen jar.

Early in his career as a professional artist, Roland Santos had been dubbed a "young Renaissance man" because of his penchant for reawakening viewers to the wistful images of yore, revealing an intense longing for the past and the irretrievable," in the lyrical words of art critic Cid Reyes while reviewing the artists one-man show, aptly billed Nostalgia
Roland Santos

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