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February 25, 1964, City of Manila
B.A. Fine Arts, Far Eastern University

During his youth, he recalls that his first love was music. At 15 years old, he along with his peers established a band, which emerged during his high school years. The band still continued to perform for various gigs while he was studying Fine Arts at the Far Eastern University. Roger became a professional musician before he concentrated on painting.
His love for art was already evident at an early age. As a child, he had an array of sketches and drew portraits. Mostly his neighbors would pose for him to draw their portraits. This paved the way for Roger to pursue his love for art and from then on, he aspired to become a great artist. At around 1989, he met Rick Gonzales, one of the most successful portrait artist at the time here and abroad. He was able to teach him all the rudiments about painting and portraiture.

Roger’s talent and vision find expression trough many mediums and subjects, which include seascape, still life, portraiture and landscapes. His skills with charcoal, watercolor, pastel, and oil permit his freedom to explore his subjects and mood.
Aside from portraits, his desire subjects nowadays are genre paintings, which are scenes from everyday life. He frequently visits their fishpond to capture various subjects, which include crab vendors, children catching crabs, fishes and shrimps. Presently, Roger still works toward achieving success by pursuing his passion. “The scenes I portray are part of my life, my emotions, my experiences. Every work I make is full of inspiration.”

Roger Crisostomo

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