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"All in the mind” is the essence of Robert Deniega’s art. Beginning with a concept borne by a creative intellect, Robert paints with a story in mind made alive by every day, ordinary people. They are girls and boys, men and women who dream big dreams.

A Deniega canvas is rich with symbolism. A star is his signature element, a metaphor to emphasize his recurrent theme that aspirations no matter how immense can be achieved with determined effort. Other imaginative artistic representations he employs may come to the viewer as surreal, it is however the artist’s idea to underline his message that faith can turn even what appears to be impossible into reality.

A University of the East alumnus who majored in painting, Robert initially honed his art- ability in the publishing field as a book illustrator and later in animation. Robert is an active member of the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) and the Saturday Group

Robert Deniega

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