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Richard Buxani, a sculptor based in Imus, possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas. Growing up in Manila as the product of a mixed-racial marriage, Buxani transcends the boundaries of his discipline, domestic environment, and regional influences. Instead, he embraces a dynamic and contemporary universal approach to his artwork, blending pop art, religious beliefs, popular icons, and architectural sensibilities to create his unique style.

Buxani primarily works with metal for his sculptures, utilizing black iron sheets or brass and employing bending and welding techniques rather than casting. His sculptures convey a strong sense of balance and utilize minimalistic elements to narrate captivating stories. Although occasionally anachronistic, his art showcases a remarkable aesthetic appeal that remains relevant in its timeless charm.

According to Buxani, he was trained in the bend and weld method, which he now refers to as "MateRealization." He finds this technique challenging yet rewarding as it enables him to directly engage with the materials and bring his envisioned images to life.

The samurai warrior series originated in 2009, coinciding with Buxani's foray into sculpture outside of his architectural work. The ideas simmered until 2017 when the series officially began. Over time, the series has evolved into more sophisticated works that "capture the essence of a samurai's life through movement." These sculptures have garnered significant attention and admiration from art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Buxani's expertise has led him to participate in numerous group exhibits, a two-man show, and twelve solo exhibitions. He has also showcased his work in exhibitions across the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, and South Korea. Additionally, he has been invited to serve as a jury member for several international art competitions.

Richard Buxani

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