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Nante's works speaks about the abundant blessings that the almighty Creator has bestowed to us human.

For him as an artist he has a purpose of being a steward of God's creations and an advocate of protecting and preserving our natural environment that is very evident in his works.

Most of his paintings are done in hyper-realism style like his Guimaras series wherein you can almost taste and smell its ripeness and sweetness which makes its audience to want the actual fruit. Although it's just a simple subject, Nante made his compositions meaningful and full of emotions that he wants to share with his audience like in his mango series that has this natural sun lights that symbolizes that there's always God above us to guide and protect us. And his paintings of our majestic national bird Haribon which is sad to say is in the brink of extinction because of loss of habitat and hunting is also a reminder for us to do our part of conserving their natural environment.

Carandang makes it a point that he will create ART that is not only beautiful but meaningful and mirrors the truth and issues regarding our current social milieu.

Paint and believe.

Reynante Carandang

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