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Master cubists Ramil Tumampos has emerged at the top of his class, created a style her cam proudly claims his own as it is different from the techniques of the old masters like Malang, Legazpi, Manansala and others.

Tumampos' curved transparency cubism captivates onlookers especially enchanted by the ever-flowing hues that are coming from his subjects and spread into different directions, creating magical images of graduating multiple colors.

His methodology of presenting his creations are indeed avant-garde, unconventional, exploitation of a simple subject into a new form. Tumampos had been in the art scene and started supplying the Mabini art district at a very young age. Seasoned and ready to show his wares, watch out for his metamorphosis, his art would be a collectible piece in a short period.

Ramil Tumampos

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