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Raks Molata's artistic representation of the female figure developed following her artistic journey and viewers can get a better idea of the development of her work, the prominence of Maria Clara images in here impressionist canvasses, the timeless beauty of her figures in a natural setting. so characteristic of the folkloric era.

To better understand the characteristics of Raks Molata's oeuvre and how was she influence by the works of the Filipina great artists like Lydia Velasco, Remy Boquiren and of course Anita Magsaysay Ho, someone must scrutinize her works meticulously from her classic hues to the subject itself. Undeniably, she is a keen observer and has high intellect in her art.

Molata has been an artist for years; she started as an animator and moved on as a serious portraiture and caricaturist as she continued her love for the art. Eventually, she has created unique form as she has developed her style.

Raks Molata

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