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Pedro (also known as "Peds" to friends and colleagues) ​is an established artist in Manila, Philippines specializing in Impressionist Art. His well-known works include musicians, orchestra, romantic date scenes (from depicted outdoor cafes to dreamlike scenes) and carousels. His works are often distinguished by "faceless" people and a play on chiaroscuro.

The artist explains his cause: "Without the face, the subjects on the painting remain anonymous. Anyone who views the painting can imagine themselves taking part in the artwork, enacting the scene through their own personal experience." Furthermore, he explains, "Leaving facial expressions void allows the viewer to focus on the entirety of the composition."

His career in art began while still in college at UST. He won a Finalist award in the prestigious Nokia Art Awards in 2000 and joined the international competition in South Korea. Soon after he won several more sponsored National art competitions such as Shell Philippines and Art Association of the Philippines. His first art group membership was with DogManStar, lead by Dr. Joel Mendez, with Mark Matabilas, Roland "Olan" Ventura, and Wesley Valenzuela. He is currently an active member of the Benavides Art Group with fellow established Thomasian Artists. 

Born in May 23, 1979 in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines to parents Victorio Garcia, a government employee, and Rowena Garcia, a housewife. Both parents hail from the rustic province of Marinduque, an island province located in the Southwestern Tagalog Region. He is the eldest among a brood of three siblings. He studied Primary Education at St. James School of Quezon City and later on transferred to Marinduque Academy to continue his Secondary Education. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts Major in Painting at the University of Santo Tomas in Espana, Manila in the year 2001 and later on pursued a Masters Degree in Fine Arts in the same university, graduating in 2015.
Pedro Garcia

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