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Paul Sena is a self-taught painter. His contemporaries call him an Artistang Bayan, because he touches on subject that despict the everyday comings and goings of life- a construction worker dong his share to build the nation, a mother tonding, fisherman hauling in a catch. (LifeStyle, Daily Inquirer, 20 April 2015)

Sena came from humble beginnings, growing up in barangay Trozo, Tondo. He was born in the early 50's and took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Majoring In Industrial Art at PCAT, now TUP

His father is a fisherman in Marinduque while his mother is a farmer in La Union. Both were looking fo a better living they migrated to manila. One girl and six boys siblings his parent's earning from washing and ironing clothes in the community were not enough so himself had to sell "komiks" in order to have "baon" to school. While waiting for costumers. Paul copied artworks in the komiks. That was the time he discovered his talent for art. During his primary and secondary schooling, he participated in poster making contest and won several gold medals. He also bagged top prizes in the Shell Art Competition and Metrobank Art Competition. Later on, he joined group art exhibits like in Northern Motor Gallery and Little Gallery with his contemporaries like Antipas Delotavo and Nemesio Miranda. He is now celebrating his sixth solo show this coming October 2019.

One of Paul's advocacies is to hone the skills and appreciation of children for art. He started workshops with Children when Jollibee Corporation got him to conduct art workshop as one of the stores marketing strategies. From these on, he has conducted art clinic for children. Recently he conducted art workshops to minors in Bahay Kalínga, Valenzuela. He launched his first art workshop to children in Malabon free of knowledge, materials and food in May 2018. Some of the children who have attended his clinic were: Trisha Co Reyes (St. Stephen's High School, Tondo), who won Grand prize in the International Children's Art Competition in 2011, held in Indonesia, where 4 million contestants among 99 countries participated; Rose Ann Delmar (Regidor Elementary School, Metro Manila), who won Grand Price in the Philippine First Cemex Art Competition in 2004, where 600 contestants from all Regions of the country participated; Kimberly Tan (St. Jude Elementary School, Metro Manila), who won Second Price in the International Art Competion held in Taiwan in 2002; Tan also bagged the First Prize in the next year's competition held in China; Jillian Sia (Chiang Kai Shek School, Tondo), won three First Prize, three Second Prize, one Third Prize, one Consolation Prize in the International Art Competition in 1995-2002 held in Taiwan.
Paul Sena

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