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Paul's work is more of a lifestyle as he spends most of his waking hours with a brush, oil paint, and a canvas. One true artist who keeps on evolving and giving.
His style is definitive, distinctive, and adventurous.
The texture of his brushstrokes and energetic color palette creates an illusion of stained glass. His unique technique and vision are what make his works stand out. An admirer of Van Gogh, Paul has mastered the style of the Dutch legend while infusing Filipino flavor. 
With a lot of hard work and a bit of luck, Paul was able to make it through in the art industry.
He has successfully held twenty-two solo exhibitions and over a hundred group exhibits.
His works have been exhibited internationally, in Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. 
Paul Anthony Gustilo is an Iloilo native who came to Manila armed with nothing but his talent and sheer determination. 
Paul has also been featured in three coffee table books, one of which was published by the late Manny Duldulao and two by the international author Jane Stangle. 

Paul Anthony Gustilo

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