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Art is something taken for granted. Some kids during elementary focus on Mathematics or Science to ba an engineer or a doctor. However, Norberto Mallari was different. Arts was his domain, his world. No doubt he was recognized as the "most painter of the year" in his entire batch. To think that such simple award was what further ignited his passion and love for Arts.

Norberto "Betong Mallari", born in Nov. 16, 1976, was raised in a modest family in Conception, Tarlac. He is a self-taught artist and he studied at Tarlac State University took up BSBA major in Financial and Managerial Accountancy and worked as decorative artist in the Middle East in 2010 to 2014. His motivation for arts started as a hobby. He still had not flourished as an artist when the Mt. Pinatubo erupted, devastating the lives of many. His family and him were no exception. Lahars swept away their properties, livelihood and farm, but not his passion as an artist. At a young age he found a way to capitalize on his God-given talent to assist his family. His every free time in high school was spent doing commissions and practicing his gift for painting.

Norberto Mallari

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