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Bueza is a native of Lucan, Quezon and has shown, at an early age, in creative undertakings.

A multi-disciplinary artist, Bueza is greatly fascinated in doing pen and ink works. Historical churches are one of his favorite subjects, which often manifest his passion and accuracy in matters to lines, forms and values. Other than his fascination in old structures, he also paints landscapes, human figures, flowers and birds. Whatever subject he chooses to create, expressive elements are always manifested in his works.

One critic has written: "More than just painting with great printing with great emotion, Bueza is also meticulous and precise in creating shadows and highlights leading to a three-dimensional feel of his artistic renderings. Nowadays, these artistic expressions have branched out to stainless sculptures giving life to nature with the dynamics of flora and fauna.

A great sculptor, he has been known to his stainless-steel works, showing the rustic beauty of his hometown, known for coconut plantations and the copra industry.

Active in the local and international art scene, he has held several solo exhibitions throughout the Philippines and had few exhibits abroad. Most of his works do not only adorn the walls of his clients but also manifest cultural and artistic emergence.

Noel Bueza

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