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Noah T. Sian was born on January 22, 1989, in Bacolod City, Philippines.Since his brothers and sisters were mostly artists, Noah, at an early age of four, showed interests in the visual arts when he made his first drawings mostly of his favorite superheroes and cartoon characters. While most children of his age were busy with Nintendo and Playstation, Noah, was absorbed in his sketch-pad experimenting with lines and tones.

Sensing Noah’s extra-ordinary talent in the field of visual arts, his parents gave their full support by providing him with the necessary materials and encouragement to further pursue his craft. At nine, he began to venture into painting using water-based latex paints. After acquainting himself with the mediums, he painted the portrait of his mother using water color and began experimenting with other mediums as well. He made a portrait of his grandmother at ten, using oil-on-canvas, his father’s using watercolor and self-portraits with pastels and charcoals.

In July 2000- Noah bested other artists when he won first prize in an inter-school poster making competition sponsored by Sustagen and Lopue’s Department Store at Lopue’s East Center, Bacolod City. In August of the same year, he again grabbed the first prize in the “On-the-Spot Drawing competition”, during the Iinggo ng wika celebration at the Bacolod Christian Education Center School and another first prize in”Jaime’s Colors and Pastels” On-the-Spot Drawing contest at Active Business Park.

During the 6th Anniversary Celebration of the Negros Museum, many artist connoisseurs, media, artists and local officials were amazed at the young Noah when he presented a gift to the Ambassador of Spain Thomas Rodriguez Pantoja a portrait he made from a newspaper photo of the ambassador. The ambassador was very impressed when he learned that Noah had no formal training as a painter and his talent was inborn.

Falling in love with his craft, At the age of 13 Noah held his first one-man art exhibit at the Gallery Blanco of the Negros Museum. It was attended by art collectors, artists and prominent figures in the local art circle. Many were impressed at the works of this young and promising artist. The show was reviewed by some art writers and columnists in the local newspapers.

The “master’s stroke” in Noah’s work was very visible, he had “command” in his choice of color, the lines, the contours were “gutsy”, the balance, the harmony and the facial moods of his portraits were captivating. The paintings were too beautiful for a thirteen year old kid.

Noah Sian

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