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Prolific floral impressionist Mike Matias Zarate is the epitome of a sensitive and authentically passionate artist; he is at par with the bests of this era, and comparable to the greate Italian floral artist Guido Borelli, whose works adorns the homes of the famous and influential in Italy. Zarate's earth yet intense colors of scattered petals, composed aesthetically is a testament of his ingenious creativity- his panoramic forms is perfect for a classy and modern setting.

Born and raised in the first-class component city of Biñan, Laguna, this self-taught artist started as a mural painter in 1999. Zarate's projects were primarily for schools and barangays, and in 2014, he worked as an OFW in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which gave hime the chance to further his artist capabilities. As a result, he began working on acrylics and oil paintings and accepted commission works as part-time jobs.

After years of working abroad, returning to his hometown has cemented his way to become a full-time visual artist. He has since developed a signature style of intertwined floral formation that fascinates even the savviest art enthusiasts- with his pastel hues merging from the suble backgrounds creating a fascinating arrangement of his petal subjects. Indeed, Zarate is a brilliang creative artist.
Mike Zarate

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