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MARLO VICTOR BACUNA, from Roxas City in Capiz Province, is a licensed teacher, although he's been unable to pursue a teaching career for various reasons.
Instead, he landed a job with a garments company in Roxas City, in-charge of designing and managing the printing department.
"My passion for art started when I was a little boy," Bacuna says. "I'm a fan of beautiful landscapes and I'm always fascinated with how an artist can capture and paint sceneries."
The 36-year-old Bacuna uses Realist and Impressionist techniques in his art.
"This pandemic has hit me hard, because my employment is on a 'no work, no pay' basis. And because of the quarantine, I wasn't able to work anymore," Bacuna says. "However, there's a possitive side - I'm able to work on my art full-time. Right now, making scenery paintings and selling them is my bread-and-butter.
"I can say that art has saved me, not only in providing me a means of living, but also as an outlet for managing stress, as we face the effects of Covid19 in our daily lives."
Marlo Bacuna

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